YAPI - Using Daily Reports to get information about outgoing/incoming text messages

YAPI has done an amazing job of providing PDG with a complete suite of communication/reporting/document management tools that enable us to keep patients moving into and through our practice as efficiently as possible.

One of the many benefits of the reporting is that it allows us to capture what happened during a day.

At the end of the Daily Report, you will find a transcript of incoming and outgoing text messages with patients. To get to that report, open YAPI:

Screen Shot 2017-08-29 at 1.27.42 PM.png

Click on the reports button that looks like a bar graph:YAPI 2.png

YAPI 3.pngThen choose the Daily Activity Report

YAPI 4.png

At the bottom, where it says "Select Date" click on the double arrows next to today's date. This will open up the date selector:

YAPI 6.png

Choose a date and it will go back to the Daily Report window. Choose whether to show appointments with notes only (Annotated Only), or whether to allow the patients names to show (Hide patients' names). Then click "Get". The results will appear in that same window!

YAPI 7.png

At the bottom of the report, you will find a transcript of the text message for our practice, both incoming and outgoing.

YAPI 8.png

If there are any questions about text communication, you will certainly find the answers here!

As always, if you have any further questions, or need more training, please ask the IT department for assistance!

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